Sunday, October 7, 2012


Guys, after months of back and forth of the tab which felt like a tennis match, I am ready to give what will my final opinion/update about the iberry auxus ax03g tab.

I experienced the 3G reception which was better than before, much better. Having said that, it is neither phone nor a USB data dongle, especially in terms of enhancing reception in areas with poor signal strength. I felt that the speed is limited to about 1-1.2Mbps in 3G data transfer, whereas the transfer rates were much higher with a phone, whereas the use of an USB dongle gave much better speeds than even the phone with the same network at the same time, thereby ruling out network congestion or limitation as a cause for the lower speeds. But the experience was satisfactory. The battery in continuous use of the screen in minimum brightness setting lasts for about 5 hours & 15minutes till it gives out completely. This is good enough, as far as I am concerned. The part where i am not happy is the battery backup / standby time given by the tablet, in no network, no Bluetooth, no wifi mode, with all apps killed state. The tablet barely manages to get to 24 hours before giving up on staying alive. The precipitous fall of the battery charge from 67% to about 30% is still present. I tried the battery calibration app from the play store, but it didn’t help much. However android does have a energy hungry nature in general, which is why the play store is filled with battery boosting apps, so I am inclined to give it the benefit of doubt. Also the accelerometer issue where there is woobling of the driver in certain games still persists. The same is not there in other manufacturer tablets like the GT2/ FB pro, which I had an opportunity to use. I shall hope that the issue, alongwith a few others will be resolved via a firmware update soon. The suggested upgrades which may not take place due to hardware limitations/non feasibility shall be a grouse, I shall hold till the end. However, as of today, I am fairly satisfied with the product I received, for the price I paid for it.


  1. Thank God..finally after going through the reviews & your blog, I can finally tick off this purchase of Iberry which I was contemplating for so long.

    Thanks !!

  2. Bullshit, no Value for money, Useless product buyed before 6months nothing working fine battery lasts 10mins screen keeps awake.