Saturday, August 4, 2012

Iberry Auxus AX03G hands on review

I am going to write about the iberry auxus ax03g.
It is a budget tablet with a tonne of features.
The features are very well displayed on the official iberry website and quite frankly are up for the read and I won’t waste out time in going over it again.
There is about 6.07 gb of in built memory available. It comes with a 16 gb memory card with about 14 +gb free. Rest has preinstalled apps.
It comes with an official google play store. The aldiko reader is not preinstalled. It however comes with office reader.
Coming to the display, it is bright enough indoors and has a decent enough resolution for viewing. you can operate your phone for basic stuff in the sun but watching a video may be a problem if you concentrate on lookin at your face. the brightness settings do not appear to change much of the screen brightness, i mean it is more subtle u cant appreciate the difference much. but it is still fair enough.
The touch interface is smooth and has multi touch discrimination. So u can pinch and pull the images on your screen.
The colours are rich n bright. The camera quality is passable and anyway it wasn’t meant to be used for photography.
There is no 3g sim video calling like most 3g android basic phones available in the market. However video calling with skype is supported.
The mic and speakers are good. The loudspeaker is really loud and gives a good output in decibels as well as quality.
It has built in wifi and Bluetooth, both of which work perfectly fine. However the Bluetooth doesn’t support a2dp or avrcp, which means that while you can listen to songs, u can pause or change them with your a2dp ready headset. But the connectivity for Bluetooth is flawless and gives good audio quality. The overall build quality is good and it has a solid robust feel.
The external design looks good and pleasant on the eyes. The network may initially appear to be weak intermittently, however give it a few hours and you will not even know that there was an issue with it in the first place.
Some people may have trouble inserting the sim card. I have also uploaded a video with the insertion of sim being shown, the audio is a bit off but you will get it. The call quality was very good. Games and the auto rotation features work smoothly.
I have not tried out any heavy duty game. But i do not suppose that should be a problem.
There are some touch keys on the bottom of the screen which do not have backlight of any kind making it impossible to operate those keys in the dark.
Also those touch keys are not entirely useful as the ICS takes care of the touch stuff by its home, switch window and back touch keys on the bottom of the screen. Overall: it is the best tablet available for less than 17000INR.
None are comparable with the iberry auxus ax03g in terms of configuration. As of now even if u r willing to spend a couple of thousand rupees more for a budget tablet. The customer service execs are very polite, patient people and have been trained very well in handling the complaints in this. Judging by their talk mannerisms, it was very apparent that they have been given a protocol to follow tier wise in the resolution of the complaint, which in itself speaks volumes for the company. Anyway should the issue not be resolved at earlier tiers, there will be escalation and a ticket will be issued to u. The tablet will be picked up from your home and in minor repairs will be returned in 3 working days and in critical repairs or in circumstances involving replacement, it shall be resolved and sent back in 7 working days. For this tablet, the score i award it would be 9/10.
0.25 goes for the Bluetooth a2dp thing
0.25 goes for no led flash
0.25 goes for the lack of backlights on the display touch keys.
And finally the last 0.25 goes for not having 3G video calling. i wrote this at shadab's request yesterday night @ abt 1:30am on the iberry tablet, so please excuse any errors in spellings, grammar or difference of opinion. a few of the above negative points or deductions are based on my judgment and expectations from an ideal tablet, were never promised or told by iberry, so you people can freely overlook that. But for the price it is being sold INR 9990/11000, it is definitely a steal, coz even up to 17 grand there are no real competitors in terms of overall configuration. And that my friends; is saying something.


  1. I Berry AX03g has disadvantages.
    let me know if i am wrong but to my knowledge all are true
    1. You cant have option to change your storage for your can be only phone memory.
    2.your phone signal will get fluctuate often wont get proper support on GPRS setting as well as from IBERRY support and as well as from your network customer care. cant check your balance details. e.g: if you give *123# it will display some encrypted data like CDV3NGRTY68O0P.
    5.Even you cant get your balance deduction after disconnecting the call. cant change any settings like changing camera shutter sound or video recording sound.
    7you cannot create own APN also for your network GPRS.
    8.battery life will be 6-8 hours but you need to charge for 3 hours.
    9.Facelock system is ther but I was not able to use it.
    10.they will say onsite warranty is available but you have only service centre at chennai. domestic shipping charges will be yours

  2. Iberry ax03g is the worst tablet I have ever bought. On top of the problems listed above, above 2 months of usage, my tablet stopped charging. I have tried to engage iberry company under the warranty for them to fix it but it has been totally useless. I would not advice anyone to buy it. Other issues include:
    1. You cannot check your balance as noted above.
    2. Internet connectivity via the sim card is very very poor and was always getting disconnected.
    3. It is useless to try use it as a phone. The phone function is pathetic with very poor reception and poor speakers.
    4. To change sim cards, you have to switch it off completely then power it back on.
    5. Battery life was pathetic. Normal usage, reading a book for 5 hrs in airplane mode would drain the battery completely. It would hardly do 2 hrs of surfing on the net.
    6. There customer care sucks.

  3. I m also getting charging problem

  4. iberry making us fool with this tablet,major problems are same as problem, cant able to check balance, it takes long time to charge .there r other problems too, stay away frm this crap, govt shd stop selling this tablet in india.

  5. Denail of Warranty Service by iBerry : I brought this tablet and it is roughly 3 months. The battery recharging stopped work. I initiate for an onsite warranty as they claimed in the site. And at the first instance they told that they do not pick up in Chennai as it has a service center (This is no were mentioned the warranty). After lot of argument they agreed to pick up and the tablet was delivered to me after a week. I put the tablet on, used it for some hours and then again put it for recharge and then i was back to square one. I again raised the request and called them. This time to my surprise they said me that they will arrange for pick up at any cost. And they started adding their own clauses that in warranty they will arrange for pick up only once. When i argued they just told me if i want to rectify the tablet please come and give it to Chennai office. I mean both the time i felt that the service center execs where just un-professional and irresponsible. They were not ready to accept their own warranty clause. In pure service terms. AFTER SALES SERVICE IS REALLY BAD.

    To get a detailed insight of the truth detailed above. Please refer to the ticket i raised.
    Email :
    Ticket # 641479

    Even i have attached screen shot of the warranty clause which they were not ready to accept.

    My sincere advice avoid iBerry Products. Sellers will try to convince you. I mean that is their job to sell products by marketing it saying butter and spice. But if you really love your hard earned money then take a decision after referring to the ticket history. I leave the decision to you.

  6. Beware of fraud and cheater and cheap company will take-up your money and phone will never respond. If you want to waste your time money and energy then and then buy this company phone
    Date of Purchase on 7th Feb 2013
    This is second time phone is with company with the same time and same level of response look at to the level of response from company

    What responsible company is??? After 3 4 on 11.10.2014 and today 13.10.2014 calls to company there is response that they don’t know where my phone is??? It will take time to trace where my phone is ?? so what was the answer give meant for just to fool customer.. ??
    No justification. No Answer. No solution till today..

    Check out communication what a bagus response from the company
    Mon, Sep 1 2014 5:25am
    Dear sir

    I have aproched to service center for this problem.
    They have taken my request for new camera
    Service center ref no. RVSRN1407DVE00432 last month

    Science there is no response from service center. It is more then one month without any solution and any proper answer pl look it this matter to solve this problem

    Mon, Sep 1 2014 2:26pm - staff
    Dear amul kamdar,

    As per the update from the concerned team and as per your work order number, your product is pending in your local service center due to the required spare parts and we will keep you updated on the same.

    Best Regards,
    iberry India
    Customer Support
    Mon, Sep 1 2014 5:09pm
    what as ridicules answer

    pending due to required spare parts ?? that to after one month ???

    when can i expect problem to be resolve after 2 month or 3 months ???
    Wed, Sep 3 2014 3:44am
    No Meaning but still Reminder - 1
    Wed, Sep 3 2014 6:47am - staff
    Dear amul kamdar,

    As discussed over the phone, your product is pending in your local service center due to the required spare parts and we will keep you updated on the same.

    Best Regards,
    iberry India
    Customer Support
    Wed, Sep 3 2014 6:46am
    What do u mean by high priority ??? after more then month and that too not sure..

    keep it up
    Tue, Sep 9 2014 12:17pm
    This you high priority... No response till now. Grate job
    Wed, Sep 10 2014 2:25pm - staff
    Dear amul kamdar,

    As per the update from the concerned team, your product is pending in your local service center due to the required spare parts and we will update you the further status within 10 working days.

    Best Regards,
    iberry India
    Customer Support
    Wed, Oct 8 2014 4:44am
    With reference to this complain service center issued be another complain no and said the product will go to service center Ref..RVSRN1409DVE00217 that on 15-09-2014 it is all most 20days so it is all most 2 months and i have no update what should i do??
    Sat, Oct 11 2014 5:19am - staff
    Dear amul kamdar,

    As mentioned previously, your product is pending in your local service center due to the required spare parts and we will update you the further status within 10 working days.

    Best Regards,
    iberry India
    Customer Support
    Mon, Oct 13 2014 4:39am
    What a Ridiculous answer after 2.5 months there is nothing update. for half the time from date of purchase phone is with company without any update given to me... what a grate company ..

  7. This can happen to you also so beware of this company