Monday, August 6, 2012

The iberry auxus ax03g: The review of the original review

The battery backup with all apps killed, in offline(airplane) mode with data and modem disabled, with wifi and bluetooth switched off etc. in standby mode was 13 hours and 35 minutes only. the network preferential is towards 2G, the 3G latching does not happen and when it does, it does so for a fleeting moment, the transition between 2G & 3G network is not smooth. unlike in other 2g+3g devices, where u can select between either the GSM and WCDMA/UMTS(3G) networks or keep it in Dual mode, u cant do that here. also quite a number of motion sensor based games go wobbly, which is not the case in the other manufacturers devices used by me. changing the accelerometer to special didnt work either. Also the preinstalled apps like office pro do not detect the document files on the memory card. however this is due to the phone built in memory being recognised as memory card and if u want to access the memory card u have to select the device option then mnt then extsd folder. understanding the network icons is difficult and full interpretation is not available anywhere. for eg. why the white network bars become blue etc.

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