Monday, August 13, 2012

User Manual Errata & Omissions.

The user manual needs to be more user friendly and show what the symbols on the interface mean. It should  explain the basic functioning of the tablet, at the very minimum, as the interface is new for most people . Even otherwise, manuals are made for helping people out when they have difficulties or for some to even get throough using things for basic purposes. And one thing is for sure, this version of the user manual does none of that. Currently as most tablets are already distributed, changes should be made for the next lot and at least  a copy should be made available on the website under downloads. I, personally felt that, the manual was for a different model to which a few pages were added and removed to make one for the iberry auxus ax03g. Why do I feel that way? It mentions package contents as pouch, earphones etc., 16Gb internal memory, none of which are part of the standard package offered by iberry. The fact that an English manual was even provided is a great thing, I guess. Lets hope for the better.

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